custom royal pet picture pillow
custom royal pet picture pillow side view
custom royal pet picture pillow back view
custom royal pet picture pillow front
24kt pure gold scepter
18kt gold ice cream cone
7 gemstones scepter
14kt gold knotted bone
flawless diamond scepter
Cute teddy bear


The Emperor — Royal Pet Pillow

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SIZE: 18” x 18" (45 cm x 45 cm)

The Emperor — Royal Pet Pillow is one such custom—made home decor item that can instantly add a load of fun to any space you put it in. This fully customizable Royal Pet Pillow will help you cherish the memories you've created with your furry friend. 


Multiple customization options 

The Royal Pet Pillows are customizable on both sides. You can have your favourite pet portrait, your decorative Pillow. You can also have your favourite quote or personal message printed on the back. 


Available in multiple variants 

The Emperor— Royal Pet Pillow is available in many exciting graphic variants. These include The 24KT Pure Gold Scepter, 18KT Gold Ice Cream Cone, 7 Gemstones Scepter, 14KT Gold Knotted Bone, Flawless Diamond Scepter, and Cute Teddy Bear. It's Royal Pets redefined.

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