customized royal dog pillow
side view of The Kaiser - customized royal dog pillow
Back view of The Kaiser - customized royal dog pillow
Front view of The Kaiser - customized royal pet pillow


The Kaiser — Royal Pet Pillow

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SIZE: 18” x 18" (45 cm x 45 cm)

Create your very own personalized gifts for friends and family. We make gifts you cannot find elsewhere. The Royal Pet Pillow is one such customizable pet pillow, ideal for gifting pet-owning friends and family. 


Multiple customization options 

You can select the best photo of your furbaby and add a little personal message to the backside of the Pillow. You will fall in love with the result. 


Multi-purpose pillows 

You can place these Royal Pet pillows in your favourite spot for a regal touch or use them as throw pillows on your couch. These are a versatile bunch of cushions that brighten up whatever area they are in. This Pillow will soon be the favourite Pillow of the family.

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