Toussaint Louverture Throw Pillow
Toussaint Louverture Throw Pillow side view
Toussaint Louverture Throw Pillow front view
Toussaint Louverture Throw Pillow back view


Toussaint Louverture — Throw Pillow

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SIZE: 18” x 18" (45 cm x 45 cm)

Were you looking for innovative ideas to dress up your living room? Get the Toussaint Louverture Throw Pillows. Toussaint was a Haitian general who created the strategy behind the first successful Haitian Revolution. He fought against the oppressive ideology of racism bias. This throw pillow has a rare portrait of the Haitian General and a motivational quotation to keep you going. 


Aesthetic home decor  

The Toussaint Louverture throw pillows make for aesthetic home decor. With the gorgeous colour palette and detailed artwork, this throw pillow will make an astounding home decor piece that livens up any space. Bonus? The motivational quotation by Toussaint Louverture seals the deal. 


Great gifting item 

These throw pillows make for excellent gifting items, especially during housewarming or welcome parties and events. 

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