Jean Jacques Dessalines Notebooks
Jean Jacques Dessalines Notebooks front and back
Jean Jacques Dessalines Notebook with pen
Jean Jacques Dessalines Notebooks with pens


Jean Jacques Dessalines — Notebooks

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6” x 9" (15 cm x 22 cm) | 128 PAGES

Jean Jacques Dessalines, Emperor of Haiti, the successful Haitian revolution leader, has been immortalized in this vibrant and beautifully painted notebook cover. Jean Jacques Dessalines founded the first black republic in the Americas. As a tribute to this great Emperor, we present the Jean Jacques Dessalines — Notebook to you. We hope you enjoy our black history collection of notebooks. 


Aesthetic Notebook Cover

If you are an enthusiastic journal writer or love collecting rare notebooks, you will love the Jean Jacques Dessalines — Notebook. The bright print and the gorgeous artwork make this Notebook one of the most uniquely designed ones. You can immortalize this historic man on your notebook cover today. Jean Jacques Dessalines' accomplishments are to remember in history. 


Great gifting item

If your singing artist friend is writing songs for its new album or if you want to share the incredible story of the Haitian revolution with a friend, this Jean Jacques Dessalines notebook makes for a very aesthetic and thoughtful gifting option. Props to you for finding the perfect gift, especially if your friend is a history nerd.

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