Royal Pet Notebooks - The Emperor
Royal Pet Notebooks - The Emperor with pen
Royal Pet Notebooks with pens - The Emperor
Royal Pet Notebooks  front and back - The Emperor
24kt pure gold scepter
18kt gold ice cream cone
7 gemstones scepter
14kt gold knotted bone
flawless diamond scepter
Cute teddy bear


The Emperor — Customised Royal Pet Notebooks

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6” x 9" (15 cm x 22 cm) | 128 PAGES

Let's face it; our furkids give us so much royal fidelity and affection. We are introducing the Royal Pet Notebooks. You can customize this Notebook with a picture of your pet. Additionally, you can have a personal message printed on the back or front of this Notebook. With both sides being customizable, these notebooks are great for personal use and gifting ideas for pet "pawents."


Multiple customization options  

This Notebook has a host of customization options to create a personalized gift for your loved ones or celebrate yourself and your furball together. You can select a pet image of your choice and the printed message, and voilà! — Your personalized Royal Pet Notebook is ready. 


Multiple variants available 

There are several variants of this excellent Custom Royal Pet Notebook available. The 24KT Pure Gold Scepter, 18KT Gold Ice Cream Cone, 7 Gemstones Scepter, 14KT Gold Knotted Bone, Flawless Diamond Scepter, Cute Teddy Bear, and you can also send the picture of your pet's favourite toy. There are many options available. 

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The emperor royal pet portraitThe emperor royal pet portrait on table